Wheels at Juanda, Already at Heart

At the heart of Bandung City, Wheels Coffee Roasters comes with a breathable concept, comprising 70% green space and 30% stunning architectural design.

The unique experience is natural; people seem to take a deep breath while passing through the hallway area and find greenery before their eyes.

Wheels Coffee Roasters serves top-rated beans such as Blacksmith, Whitesmith, and Continental, widely known as the best selections at Wheels. The slow bar also offers an intimate space for conversation with guests, providing a variety of coffee selections that highlight natural process, fruity tones, perfect for welcoming the summer days ahead.

The food is also mesmerizing, offering a flavorful and long-lasting experience. With European touches and new products introduced such as pastas, brunch, and made-to-order steak selections for every guest.

"Wheels Coffee Roasters at Juanda 256 is initiated to offer a different concept for Wheels Coffee Roasters in Bandung, Indonesia. Imagine, in our fast-paced work lives, there's always a space for us to breathe, to pause, to reconnect with ourselves. Every Wheels Coffee Roasters welcomes guests with open arms," says Aldy Antonius, the Chief of Marketing and Founder of Wheels Coffee Roasters.

At Juanda 256, the baristas, chefs, and staff always strive to ensure the guests' experiences are positive and memorable.